Baby biscuits Malyshok 200g

Malyshok - Biscuits with beta-carotene for baby food from 5 months

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Brutto weight 200 g


Recipes for Kids (and more !) with child cookie "Malyshok"

Cake Cookies

* Packet of biscuits " Malyshok "
* Children cottage cheese or low-fat sour cream
* Soft fruits (bananas , pears , baked apples)
* A tablespoon of gelatin , juice.
Put the cookies in one layer on the bottom of the form to get a " cake ." Top - a layer of sliced ​​fruit , cottage cheese . Again, cookies , fruit, cottage cheese .
Decorate as prompt imagination and fill jelly : pre- soaked in a little cold water on the stove heat the gelatin until dissolved , but not to a boil. Remove from heat , add the juice and fill the cake . Cake for a couple of hours we put in the fridge to gelatin frozen and cakes from pastry soaked with moisture and become soft .

Oatmeal with cookies
* 1-2 cookie " Malyshok "
* 100 g. oat-flakes
* 200 g. water.
* 50 g. milk or cream.
Cook oat-flakes on the water without opening the cover. At the end of cooking, add the cream, giving porridge brew. After porridge laid on the plate immediately before the cookies stacked on top of slices . It is possible - chaotic, you can put " smile " or any other ( a measure of artistic possibilities.)

Milkshake "For a little company »
* 3-4 cookie " Malyshok "
* 200 g. milk
* Any sour berries or fruit (such as blueberries , strawberries , banana, pear)
In the milk and add the berries are broken down into pieces of cookies, a good shake up . Stick a cocktail stick , decorate the same: the berries and pieces of pastry on top of stiff foam.

Tiramisu - a dessert for adults
* 2 packs of biscuits " Malyshok "
* 500g cheese "Mascarpone"
* 100g Coffee "Espresso"
* 4 eggs
* 30g brandy
* 5 spoons of sugar
* 6 spoons of cocoa powder
In a coffee grinder to grind sugar powder. Separate the egg yolks from whites , yolks , beat in a deep bowl , add the sugar and "Mascarpone" , stir until smooth. In the resulting mass add whipped into a solid foam proteins .
Mix coffee and brandy. Dips into the mix cookies ( literally 3-4 seconds ) and spread a layer of the form. Then - half of the egg- cheese curd . Again, cookies and the second half of the whipped mass .
All put in the fridge for 4-5 hours. Ready dessert and sprinkle with cocoa.

Apple souffle in Multicookings
* 5-6 cookies "Malyshok"
* 2 apples
* 25g butter
* 1 egg
* 40g milk
* 1 spoon of powdered sugar
Finely crumble cookies in powdered form should be 2 tablespoons . Apples rub on a small grater . Blender , beat the egg with the milk , melt the butter. We connect all the products mix and gently spread into a mold greased with butter. Form ( silicon , glass or ceramic - which comfortably) put on the grill and cook in the steaming mode for 15-20 minutes. Souffle can be decorated with whipped cream, ground cinnamon or - dietichno - children's curds and a slice of apple.